Hair & body henna

Hair & body henna
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Trichup Henna Hair Color Free from Ammonia For hair, mehendi, for hands, for feet Cover your greys with the goodness of Henna Greying of hair is often associated with aging and nobody really wants to look old! Since times immemorial people have been coloring hair/ beards to escape the stigma of being perceived old! Premature greying can be genetic or be associated with stress, poor scalp hygiene, medication, and other reasons.

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Henna trichup is a 100% natural henna product in the form of a powder for hair and hand. Nourishes the hair follicles and pigments responsible for hair color. In addition, henna is air conditioning, which, in addition to strengthening the roots of the hair, will give the result of smooth and shiny hair, full of strength and shine. Vasu tricapa henna, as it is known, can be used as traditional designs, a pattern on the skin of the hands, feet or palms called mehendi. Since ancient times, henna has been known as a very effective, but harmless, tool to prevent premature hair styling and nutrition. Regular use of henna can restore the natural condition of the hair and give the original natural strength and shine to the to use apply the paste to the hair, distributing it along the necessary length of the hair.3. Depending on the desired result (color intensity), it is necessary to leave henna on the hair for 30 minutes to 3 hours.
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